Kovea Slim Twin Lite Stove

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The Kovea Slim Twin Lite Stove is versatile for camping or year round outdoor cooking.  Adaptable for the fuel you have on hand and lighter than the competition.  The wide burner heads and removable lid make this stove ideally suited for larger pots and pans.  Four adapters are included for most fuel canisters on the market (Propane, IsoButane and Butane) [2 per burner] so you don’t have to worry about which fuel to use. 

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  • Windscreen
  • Dual Burners
  • Compact Size
  • Automatic Ignition System

Fuel Type(s):  IsoButane, Propane, Butane
Burner Size:   8.5"
Propane: 316g/h (3,738 kcal / 14,842 BTU / 4.34 kW)
IsoButane:   230g/h (2,721 kcal / 10,797 BTU / 3.22 kW)
Dimensions:   21.33" x 13.38" x 2.83" (542 X 340 X 72mm)
Weight 10.8 pounds
Fuel Adapter(s) (2) Butane and (2) Propane adapters Included

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